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being selfish

being selfish is good and bad. on one hand being selfish is bad as you in essence just don’t care nothing about anything but self. being selfish can and is looked upon as being cold and mean. but on the other hand, that is exactly what we should do in and for our lives – […]

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June 28, 2015
This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series the sunday special

leaning is defined as stated: to rest against or on something for support. we all must learn to lean. many of us are independent, stubborn, bull-headed – there is no need for that. we need to learn that the act of leaning is not something seen as weak, but is something to be seen as […]

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making the tough decisions

June 16, 2015

life is full of times where you will have to make tough decisions. when you have to weigh what’s good for self vs others, right vs wrong, need vs want, life is all about decisions. just today, i had to make a decision to walk away from something so very important in my life. after […]

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who’s there for you

June 7, 2015

most if not all of us have family. most if not all of us have friends. how many times have we heard that if you need something then let me know? then when the going gets tough you hear from no one. how many times have we been approached by people with all the rah […]

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June 6, 2015

they are so good. when things are not going for you, they show up. when things are going good and they keep coming, oh yeah! blessings always seem to come and the most opportune times and they are always well received. in my life, been going through a lot. but through it all, i have […]

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sacrifice = happy

May 31, 2015
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series happy

to be happy means to sacrifice. to sacrifice is to be happy. many of us come to expect and take for granted some of the simple things in life. i could bore you with the rah rah of what to do and not to do to effectively be happy, but i thought i would share […]

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paying it forward

paying it forward is the act of doing for others without expecting anything from them in return but to do for the next and so on. we should have all seen the movie by now, but if not, watch it! too many times, we are all about self and material objects and possessions. we are […]

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